If your Sperry leather shoes have laces, remove them before cleaning your shoes. To clean Sperry laces, just pop them in a bowl with cold water and washing-up liquid, swish thoroughly, then rinse with clean water. Allow your laces to air dry for about 24 hours.


It is important to remember that leather should not be treated in the same way you would fabric, or even nubucks and suedes. Even though your Sperry leather shoes can get wet, you want to avoid washing them with water. This will dry out the natural oils that add shine and lustre to the leather. We recommend using a leather cleaner as this will remove dirt and stains while maintaining the moisture leather needs to look its best.

Beyond the leather upper of your Sperry shoes, you’ll want to clean the soles and freshen the insoles.

Apply a 20 pence-sized dollop of washing-up liquid to the outsole of each shoe, then using a leather brush (or toothbrush) scrub away any scuffs.
Sprinkle non-leather insoles with baking soda to deodorize and help with freshness. You may want to wear no-show socks to keep your feet cool and stink-free.
If your Sperry leather shoes get wet, or after cleaning your leather boat shoes, allow them to air-dry for 24 hours in a cool, dry place away from heat or sunlight. Stuff your shoes with newspaper to absorb excess moisture and help maintain their shape.


Once you’ve cleaned your Sperry leather shoes, you need to protect them from future wear and tear. We recommend using a leather lotion to protect your Sperry leather boat shoes. The lotion will add moisture to prevent drying, cracking, and scuffing.

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